Markoni-D (Compact) FM Transmitters

Thanks to its experience in telecommunications, Telsat presents its own FM transmitters line: marKoni.

A family of devices composed by MKRT models, with a range from 100 to 20000 Watt (and more), available in single drive, dual drive or N+1 configurations for the maximum redundancy level. The philosophy of marKoni transmitters provides a high reliability granted by very robust power supplies and amplification circuits, realized with MOSFET that are able to guarantee excellent performances, with very high efficiency and consequent low heating of all components.

Through the very User's friendly touch screen interface it is possible to check or change the complete system parameters. All these information can be also managed remotely by the network interface on the back panel, otherwise even locally by using the Ethernet connector on the front panel.

markoni-D detail


  • Crystal Digital Sound purity
  • Fully Digital Signal Processing
  • Embedded RDS generator
  • Single-chip Digital Processing guarantees maximum compactness


  • Internal 32-bit Digital Signal Processing
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Lifetime upgradeable firmware
  • Fully remotely controllable by Web/SNMP interface


  • Auto-calibration at power-on
  • Absolutely no analogue trimming points
  • Minimum BOM, maximum long-term reliability
  • 1pps and 10MHz inputs for Synchro FM Operation

Digital Signal Processing

The extensive use of high-level Digital Signal Processing gives to marKoni unique features in the audio broadcasting world. The native AES/EBU input module guarantees pure digital quality avoiding the conversion from an analogue source. The presence of the traditional L+R input assures as well top performances even with standard analogue audio.

The FM modulation is implemented by an innovative direct-RF synthesis algorithm with sub-Hz accuracy onto an FPGA-based digital processing core.

The result is a frequency-agile transmitter with immediate installation procedure, which allows operators to broadcast their audio content with excellent purity and maximum reliabil- ity.

marKoni, the future is here!
Single Frequency Network

marKoni transmitters can be locked to the GPS time/ frequency reference signal for exact carrier allocation and Synchro FM operation, a promising band-efficient method of operating adjacent FM transmitters on the same RF frequency, after aligning all the RF and audio parameters of the transmission.

The result is a clearly improved listener's reception in the overlapping signal area, extending the coverage to shadow areas, normally characterized by inter-channel interference.

A typical application of this iso-frequency approach is the coverage of branches of highways, allowing car radio receivers to keep tuning the same carrier while driving, without the annoying effect of black spots along the road.

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marKoni is a synonymous of environmental sustainability
(over 90% of the construction materials are recyclable).
marKoni is certified for RED Directive.
Soft limiter and full options

The pure digital audio sensation that marKoni creates is obtained thanks to a revolutionary Soft Limiter, which avoids audio intermodulation peaks, while safeguarding the integrity of the whole input dynamic range, with the use of accurate signal processing that allows high full-band stereo separation and extreme signal-to-noise ratio.

The units come with a full-option outfit: analogue and digital audio, analogue MPX and additional wideband SCA and IP inputs, embedded RDS Generator and Digital Stereo Coder and Web/SNMP remote control.

User Interface
Technical characteristics
FM Carrier generation NCO-based synthesis
FM Modulation Fully digital
Stereo Coder Fully digital, integrated
Input Audio Limiter Proprietary integrated Soft Limiter
Digital Processing Resolution Real-time internal 32-bit digital processing
RDS Generator Fully integrated
Monitoring Output Signals Fully digitally generated
Analog L/R Input Section
L/R Analogue Inputs 30Hz - 15KHz (integrated digital stereo coder)
0dBu nominal (adjustable from -12dBu to +12dBu)
L/R Analogue Inputs Impedance 600Ω / 10kΩ balanced/unbalanced
Analog MPX and SCA Input Section
Analogue MPX Input 30Hz - 100kHz 0dBu nominal
MPX Analogue Inputs 10 kΩ unbalanced
Impedance SCA1/SCA2 40 kHz - 100 kHz 2Vpp nominal for ±7.5kHz deviation
Inputs SCA1/SCA2 Analogue Inputs Impedance 10 kΩ unbalanced
Digital L/R Input Section
Digital Audio Input AES/EBU (XLR Female), S/PDIF (BNC)
Balanced AES/EBU Input Impedance 110 Ω
Unbalanced S/PIDIF Input Impedance 75 Ω
Audio Delay
Audio Input Delay (all audio inputs) 0-4 ms, step 1 ms
RF Output Frequency (FM / OIRT bands) 87.5MHz-108MHz step 1Hz, ±1 ppm frequency stability / OIRT on request
Output Level 100W, 300W, 500W, 1kW, 1500W, 2kW, 3kW, 5kW
Output Interface / Impedance DIN 7/16 type (100/2000W), EIA 7/8" type (2000/3000/5000W) / 50 Ω
Pilot Carrier frequency 19kHz ±0.001Hz
Pilot Carrier level 0-12% modulation in 0.1% steps
Pilot Carrier Output 1Vpp digitally synthesized
MPX Analogue OutputOdBu from integrated digital stereo coder
19kHz and 38kHz Tone Suppression < -63dB
THD (30Hz-15kHz)+N < 0.1%
Synchronous AM Better than -60dB
Asynchronous AM Better than -70dB
Mono SNR RMS Better than -85dB
Stereo SNR RMS Better than -80dB
L/R and R/L Crosstalk > 55dB (65dB typ.)
M/S and S/M Crosstalk > 45dB full-band
Pilot Carrier Phase User adjustable (step <1°)
Frequency Deviation Range User adjustable 0 to ±200 kHz
Pre-emphasis Flat, 50µs or 75µs
Physical Case 19"-2U or 4U (500W + 5000W)
Remote Control Port RS232/RS485
Remote Control Options PSTN, GSM (optional), Ethernet, SNMP
Front Panel User Interface LCD full color touch screen display
Power Supply Voltage Low/Medium power, 230V, ± 15% Medium/High power, 3x230/400V, ± 15%
Operating Temperature 0 - 45°C

Specifications, characteristics and front panel are subject to change without notice
MKRT-D Compact

Markoni-D Medium Power

MKRT-D High Power Compact

Markoni-D High Power

Markoni-D 100
Markoni-D 300
Markoni-D 500
Markoni-D 1000
Markoni-D 2000
Markoni-D 3000
Markoni-D 5000
CE Markoni Declaration
CE Declaration
CE Certificate
CE Certificate
CE Italian Certificate
CE Italian Certificate
User and Technical Manual

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marKoni is a TELSAT's brand. Founded in 1998, TELSAT distributes, a wide range of World leading products for terrestrial and satellite broadcasting and for mobile telecommunications.
Telsat is also one of the main Italian Antenna Systems Manufacturer for Radio and TV applications.
As of June 2016, TELSAT has started marketing activity as FM Transmitters Manufacturer, introducing the brand-new marKoni product line.
TELSAT is able to satisfy any kind of need in the Broadcast World, providing its Customers with a complete and reliable Technical Support, for consulting, planning, designing, installation, training and after sales services.

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