MKRT-Ax Markoni Analog
Markoni-A (Analogue Modulator) FM Transmitters

One of the most robust and simple FM transmitter in the broadcasting world is the marKoni-A. One of the most widely used from broadcasters in the world.

Thanks to it being so easy to install and use, it is easy to use it at the site with just a few technical precaution.
Its modular internal structure allows for a fast maintenance and service. The transmitter can be built assembling different options as requested. Build your device as per your need and optimize costs!

A family of devices composed by MKRT-A models, with a range from 50 to 1500 Watt, available in single drive, dual drive or N+1 configurations for the maximum redundancy level. The philosophy of marKoni-A transmitters provides a high reliability granted by very robust power supplies and amplification circuits, realized with MOSFET that are able to guarantee excellent performances, with very high efficiency and consequent low heating of all components.

Through the very simple screen interface it is possible to check or change the complete system parameters.
All these information can be also managed remotely by the network interface (optional) on the back panel.



  • Availability of 50 to 1500W with extremely simplified wiring
  • Automatic output power level control
  • Control of all the functions via 2Rx16C display
  • All the final stages with LDMOS technology


  • Good values of distortion and high S/N ratio
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Lifetime upgradeable firmware
  • Fully remotely controllable by Web/SNMP interface


  • Analogic telemetry signals available on DB9
  • RS485 connection for remote control
  • Stereo Coder can be integrated in the cabinet
  • Repeatability of the performances, guaranteed by the completely mechanized assembling

Digital Display and I/O Interface

The display board on the front panel can indicate and change frequency, forward and reflected power, amplifier temperature, modulation level, alarms level, emphasis, as well as enable control.

The rear panel contains XLR balanced inputs with input level controls, BNC for MPX output from internal stereo coder (if option is present), BNC for MPX input, 2xBNC for SCA operation.

There is also a DB9 for wired external control and a DB9 for serial RS485 remote control.

marKoni, the future is here!
High Audio Performance

As far as audio performances are concerned, only one word is needed: "transparent". With a signal-to-noise ratio of 80dB, the whole dynamic of the modern digital audio sources are reproduced with high fidelity.

With a crosstalk of 60dB (with stereo option) there is no chance to "misunderstand" the source of the signals.

The RF output is via an N Female or 7/16” type connector.

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marKoni is a synonymous of environmental sustainability
(over 90% of the construction materials are recyclable).
This type of equipment for Radio and TV broadcasting is currently used by valuable worldwide customers, which is the best certification for in-field performance over different operating environments.
marKoni equipment is severely tested with highly accurate and professional laboratory testing instrumentation and is guaranteed by the ISO-9001 Quality Certification which ensures a perfectly managed production phase.
RF section and options

The power amplifier is based on LDMOS devices. A fresh air tunnel through the transmitter keeps cool air running right through the heatsink.

The amplifier is protected from damage by temperature control systems and antenna fault (SWR) monitoring. There is an added control on reflected power and heatsink temperature, that is foldback thresholds that permits to stay on air at a reduced output power even if conditions are not optimal.

The switching-type power supply automatically adapts itself to any input voltage from 90 to 260V.

User Interface
Technical characteristics
Frequency Range 87.5 - 108MHz
Standard Stability ±2.5ppm (0° - 50°C)
High Stability Option ±1.0ppm
Long Term Stability ±0.5ppm (1 year)
Output Power 50W to 1500W CW
Power Level 0 - 100% (from front panel)
RF Input Connector / Impedance N Female or 7/16” Female type / 50 Ohm
RF Output Connector / Impedance BNC / -48dBc ±1dB
Off Lock Attenuation > 60dB
Asynchronous AM S/N Ratio > 65dB
Synchronous AM S/N Ratio > 60dB
Spurious and Harmonics Suppression Meets or exceeds all FCC and ETSI requirements
Modulation Capability Meets or exceeds all FCC and ETSI requirements
Audio Input Connector / Impedance BNC 10kOhm unbalanced
Audio Input Level 2.2Vpp nominal -6dB/+12dB adjustable from rear panel
Frequency Amplitude Response ±0.2dB 30Hz - 100kHz
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) < 0.1% 30 - 100kHz (< 0.05% 30 - 53kHz)
Audio Input Connector / Impedance valore
paramentro XLR / Balanced 600 Ohm / 10kOhm (jumper)
Audio Input Level 2.2Vpp nominal -6dB/+12dB adjustable from rear panel
Frequency Amplitude Response ±0.3dB 30Hz - 15kHz
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) < 0.1% 30 - 100kHz (< 0.05% 30 - 53kHz)
Pre-emphasis Flat, 50us, 75us (ON/OFF from display, 50/75 from jumper)
S/N Ratio with CCIR unweighted > = 75dB
S/N Ratio with CCIR weighted > = 73dB
Audio Input Connector / Impedance XLR / Balanced 600 Ohm / 10kOhm (jumper)
Audio Input Level 2.2Vpp nominal -6dB/+12dB adjustable from rear panel
MPX Output Connector / Impedance BNC / 50 Ohm
MPX Output Level 5.6Vpp
Frequency Amplitude Response ±0.3dB 30Hz - 15kHz
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) < 0.1% 30 - 100kHz (< 0.05% 30 - 53kHz)
Pre-emphasis Flat, 50us, 75us (ON/OFF from display, 50/75 from jumper)
Stereo Separation > 50dB (typ. 60dB) 30Hz - 15kHz
S/N Ratio with CCIR unweighted > = 73dB
S/N Ratio with CCIR weighted > = 71dB
SCA Input Connector / Impedance BNC / 10kOhm unbalanced
Audio Input Level 2Vpp nominal for ±7.5kHz deviation
Frequency Amplitude Response ±0.2dB 50k - 100kHz
RF Monitor Level / Connector -60dBc / BNC 50 Ohm
MPX Analogue Output / Connector 0dBu from internal stereo coder / BNC 50 Ohm
Pilot Carrier Output 1Vpp digitally synthesized
Power Supply Voltage 90 - 260VAC, 50/60Hz ±4%
Power Consumption 50W (130VA), 300W (450VA), 500W (700VA), 1000W (1450VA), 1500W (2150VA)
Remote Control Port RS485 / DB9 Connector
USB Port USB-B Connector
Cabinet Rack 19”-1U (50W), Rack 19"-2U (300W, 500W, 1000W, 1500W)
Operating Temperature -5°C to +50°C

Specifications, characteristics and front panel are subject to change without notice

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marKoni is a TELSAT's brand. Founded in 1998, TELSAT distributes, a wide range of World leading products for terrestrial and satellite broadcasting and for mobile telecommunications.
Telsat is also one of the main Italian Antenna Systems Manufacturer for Radio and TV applications.
As of June 2016, TELSAT has started marketing activity as FM Transmitters Manufacturer, introducing the brand-new marKoni product line.
TELSAT is able to satisfy any kind of need in the Broadcast World, providing its Customers with a complete and reliable Technical Support, for consulting, planning, designing, installation, training and after sales services.

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